How can you support an Artist?

How can you support an Artist?

Have you ever had a friend or a cousin who is an artist, who dances or sings, or writes, or does and creates something so spectacularly beautiful that leaves you mesmerized? There’s a very huge possibility that you had or still have someone like that in your life. Maybe, you, yourself are that artist whose artwork people can’t stop admiring.  Yet that’s where yours and your friend’s work is limited to, among a close circle. Don’t you wish to see that artwork acquire more than just a few sets of eyes? Don’t you wish that the entire world can appreciate or maybe even criticize that work?

Perhaps all this was possible, when artists such as me, you and your friends and cousins got a little bit of support from the world, or our closed ones. Because everyone is ready to admire or criticize, but when it comes to support, very few can be seen around, which is a shame actually, given that artists lead the life of most struggles.

You must support an artist, because believe me, support is the biggest thing they seek, and well, you never know, your support and help might become a muse for their future work. And If not anything else, Karma will reciprocate all your good deeds and thoughts for supporting that artist.

Hence you can support an artist in these following ways –

  • Attention please!

Give attention to their artworks by attending their shows and events where they are displaying or performing their art, and perhaps with a smile and compliment tell them that you got their back. Such little things go a long way!

  • Announce it to the world

If you like their artwork, share that on your social media, tell your relatives and friends about it. In short, speak about it to as many ears as possible, because an artist can’t survive without an audience appreciating his/her work.

  • Penny for their efforts?

A little donation or sponsorship can turn a street artist into a star! No one asks you to go beyond your means, but every penny counts. 

  • Try some art shopping

Have you ever seen artists performing on streets and collecting whatever money the audience has given to her/him?  Many artists leave their passion and turn themselves into machines because mere appreciation is not enough to feed their stomachs. So if you truly want to support an artist, buy their artwork, or pay them to perform.

These were the few that we have listed, but there are many other big and small ways (like sending them an appreciation message, sharing information with the artists like upcoming shows and events or any other opportunity you may see deemed fit for them, or you yourself hosting an event where the artist can display or perform their artwork), for you to support an artist. A tiniest effort in their favour helps a great deal!

Remember, everybody is ready to appreciate or critice, but very few support them. Be a supporter, and with that, be their muse!

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