Where does the art come from?

Where does the art come from?

We all find ourselves mesmerized by different artworks like abstract paintings, expressive dance performances, mystical magic shows, deep poetries, thoughtful songs and what not! There lives and breathes umpteenth number of art forms and art pieces that amaze us, inspire us! But have you ever wondered how those artists create those art? From where those little works of awesomeness emerge? 

Great artists of all times, be it Michelangelo, Pablo Picaso, Charles Dickens, Paul Rand, Stefan Sagmeister, Claude Monet, Jan Van Eyck, Louis Comfort Tiffany or Aubrey Beardsley, all of them are painters; writers; graphics, plastic and decorative artists who lived long after their lives, and whose artistic brilliance is still appreciated among the mortals. All of them, coming from various fields and backgrounds and having different interests, had one thing in common – their love for art.

Hence, it is obvious that great art comes from great love. No painter can paint if he/she is not completely in love with his/her brush, with the thought of putting colours in a blank canvas and his/her imagination. Yes, art comes from love.

But isn’t love one of many human emotions that emerge from the well of heart? Therefore, if an artist has a love for his art, has emotions brimming his heart and knows how to put that in his creation, no force of this universe can stop that creation to be a masterpiece.

This brings us to the next necessity of creating a masterpiece, skill! You can’t really pen down soul moving sonnets if you don’t know the words. Practice comes handy in such situations. It takes hours, months, years to polish the skill. But the more you polish, the more beautiful your work becomes.

Inspiration is yet another thing that influences an artwork. You must have seen numerous paintings of scenery and numerous poetries about the mountains, oceans, moon and stars. Because nature holds great affinity to inspire any artist’s heart. But inspiration does not limit itself to sceneries. Every nook of this world, good or bad, happy or sad, pretty or ugly, anything can inspire you. You just have to keep your senses alive. Hear what you can, see all that your eyes take in, feel everything real and abstract, and you’ll never know with which breath you might feel inspired.

Hence, emotion and inspiration is what drives an artist, and we humans are provided with abundance of both! All we need is to practice our art and gain the most polished version of skill we can get. And thus, all you need is put all of those things in a cauldron, cook your art with the burning desire to create something big, and before you know it, the world is licking its fingers with the taste of your art.

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